The single tree –

Midget Gem style is a basic growth pattern I would use to start building up a tree canopy ramification levels.

This will allow me over time to increase the tree or shrub health and ability to produce energy for growth.

The tree will grow on it’s own regardless if I feed it and tend it or not; if it gets enough natural light and water and is left to its own devices.

It will do what trees do and do what a tree normally does.  Grow towards the light it has and put out as much growth as it can to ensure it can reproduce come the time it should and get enough energy to put out next season’s growth while this season ensuring it has a maximum chance of keeping it’s current light and water sources.

I shape it slowly and over time.  Feeding it and eliminating any root or nutrient competition by weeding around it and removing any solar barriers and rain inhibition so it gets all the natural requirements and becomes stronger for doing so.

I need strong material to work with as I am about to do some brutal things to some of the trees I have loved and cared for over the last 12 months or more.

I’m fattening them up and plumping them out so I can perform open canopy surgery with a Mountfield 60cm Petrol powered hedge clipper!


The Twin Tree.

Same deal as above; over a year of basic training and pruning to match the canopy cover to the space it is in and should shade or cover as requested by the client.

The bed, border and edging in this area have been reworked and expanded after a serious Tree disease had to result in external Tree Surgery work and External Stump grinding after the Tree Surgeon had removed a multi story height Ash tree; which was a shame.  The Ash tree was a feature of the garden and housed some stunning wildlife.  So given the area was now transformed because of extra lights and water after the large Ash removal, the lawn is expanding and this Twin Feature can now also become more of a feature so is now being carved apart to allow a walkway of stepping stones as a path between them.


Further Canopy shaping and training will be applied once it has recovered from the work done; as only so much material can be taken at a time when reshaping established stock.  This heavily at least; I knew the trees had all been fed and nurtured for this work for 12 months prior to it happening.