Full on schedule all day and an early morning machine failure is the last thing you need; right?

Who ya gonna call?


Nahhh; not Ghostbusters…

The lads down at JKS Garden Machinery & Repair!!!

ATCO Lawn Mower.

I try and operate with as much redundancy in my machinery as possible, so not just having the Professional kit from a high end but hardworking and reliable brands.  Not just spending silly money for what other Gardeners or Landscaping companies won’t buy due to their expense; I use day in and day out tools that are niche or highly specialised to do the work I do.  Most machines I use on a day to day basis have either a duplicate or a Bigger brother or a little Brother version in the SOTG van for that day or under lock and key and guarded by dogs and CCTV (Yes I look after my kit cos I love my toys; no denying that.).

To ensure workflow and productivity stay high this works.

Yet it is always the tool you use least that is least reliable…

Lawn mower failure is rare; as is me using a sub 60cm cutting deck or walking behind one…

Sadly the Racing Zero turn mower failed catastrophically today while out garden hopping.  (Multiple gardens in a small radius or location.)


Most fortunate for I that the location I was in when the mower failed; Corby.

I instantly knew the fix.



No time for a coffee or a bacon butty run to keep Shane and the boys in a good mood on our arrival; bugger.

Time to get a new Lawn Mower bought, paid for and PDI’d in less time than it takes to make a quick call to locate a potential spare mower in case this happens again.



5 Minutes later their is a shiny new ATCO push mower in the back of the van, much lighter and easier to handle than the large and heavy decked Zero turn; but has most of the features the Racing mower was bought for.

Deals a good ‘un; seriously lads thanks.  Saved me a good amount of sweat and swearing with fences to jump and green to cull.

Many thanks and bacon butties or something healthy is on me soon!


Life savers; little angels that whiff of bacon and WD40.  =]