Les Misérables

#ExcludedUK #ForgottenLtd #ForgottenPAYE

Les Misérables

Anyone know where I can get an Official copy of “ExcludedUK Virtual Choir”
The voice of 3 Million.
Under 2mb version please?
The one where they are sharing their true hearts by their latest ren-diz, of the British-Dis, Les Mis – a Rishi – Liar Rishi pants on fire; Give us a Ray of believable Sunshine – One Day More from Les Misérables.

/wants Official version of an Official Social Media, WordPress Friendly, Server-side Copy: Specifically small file size but high quality.

From the original Master Copy?
A 4k Friendly Ultra High Definition capable of broadcasting from a 60 Million watt P.A Audio version for private use on my site please?

Large ask I know.

Anyone got those I can borrow for a bit please.



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