OfCom complaint revelation.

This morning the Twitter feed and Facebook pages of hundreds of thousands in the UK and worldwide went “Totally Postal” over the OfCom revelation that Good Morning Britain had received over 1000 complaints for it’s morning interview with Rishi Sunak; Chancellor of the Exchequer over an interview with Ben Shepard.


As OfCom have not released what the complaints are specifically about, speculation from the media has been “best guess” information and without an actual reason or reasons why so many complaints had been sent it; and then reporting what the complaints were actually about.



We now wait with baited breath for OfCom to clarify the very muddy water, some Media outlets are swimming in!


However the Media has mainly focused on it being over Ben Shepard questioning Rishi; and not the answer Rishi gave stating “We already have, we have already spoken to their team and had a back and forth.” Which he has yet to do.

This sparked the outrage as it was simply not true.

Rishi spent most of that same morning giving media interviews over various networks and radio stations following his comments in the House of Commons the day before about the Spending Review.

& repeated the same throughout those other interviews as well.