Brief update, while we digest the Autumn budget & how it affects the Company.

One thing we note and would like to comment on though.

Shadow of the Gardener believes the National Minimum Wage, and indeed; The living Wage.

Should be much more reflective, of the actual rising cost of living.

Especially during these times, due to the Pandemic.

This is why as a Company, SOTG Upscales the Pay of our Hard Working Staff;

To at least £10, per Hour; already.

We expect more from our staff, Good staff come at a premium.

So SOTG feel, it is fair to pay it.

So we do!

Rewarding Loyalty & Hard Workers.

Shadow of the Gardener.

Our Clients Appreciate their Skills & Efforts!

Just like we do. 🙂

Hopefully others follow!



With that said;

Shadow of the Gardener is looking for the following:



Gardeners Apprentice – Part Time.

Garden Machines Technician/Mechanic – Part Time.

Gardeners Apprentice.

Gain Practical based Skills and Operational Experience with a Bespoke Gardening Company.

Learn the basics to further your knowledge & Experience in Horticulture and Larger Scale Gardens, with a hands on Company; that is motivated & driven by Hard work & a varied work life.

Once you have gained enough experience and practical knowledge; you can opt in to take it all as far as you would like; by getting your Diploma or Degree in Horticulture or other aspects of Arborist work.

You will Shadow either the Lead Gardener, or his Assistant.  Each day assisting them in their role, to transform or maintain; large private gardens.  Supporting them to Strim, Mow, Cut Hedges, Trees & Shrubs.  Operate in & Around Plant Beds & Garden Borders.  Learning the process of each phase a garden goes through each year, as the seasons change.

It is a hands on, often dirty, constantly fun, healthy work out for mind; body & soul.

It also pays well if you work hard!

Part time – Flexible hours to suit, 10am Start – 4pm Finish. 

12 Hours Per Week or 48 Hours over a Working Month Period.

To provide cover for 2 Days out of 5 – Mon – Fri – 12 Minimum required.

Extra Hours/Shifts Optional during Seasonal Demands.


Garden Machines Technician/Mechanic.

We Operate with a Large Fleet of Top End Horticultural & Gardening Machinery, Professional Arborist Power Tools & other Engine driven Plant or Kit.  Cobra, Husqvarna, Stihl etc.

It’s a large pool of expensive toys, that get a lot of use, so need someone with the right skills to keep them in top form, running smooth & to ensure they are at the Cutting Edge; demanded by Shadow of the Gardener & our Clients.

If you have the relevant experience, qualifications & can show us you are the right person; to manage the SOTG Machine Fleet.

We might have a job you’ll love.

You will have to have & be able to show, a genuine passion for performance & safety of the machines; they are the Pinnacle of their range, & are chosen & used for the artform they create & enable.  The Operators of them seek someone who will look after them and understand your role is just as vital as theirs using them.

The Machine Fleet will require everything from Annual Servicing, through to Weekly Sharpening or servicing; especially during peak seasonal demand for them.

So Garden based Machine Mechanic, as well as Blade Sharpening & Balancing Experience Essential.

Part time – Flexible hours to suit, 10am Start – 4pm Finish. 

4-6 Hours Per Week.

To provide cover for 1 Day out of 5 – Mon – Fri – 4 Hours Per Week Minimum required.

Extra Hours/Shifts Optional during Seasonal Demands.


Further basic details.

Location; RUTLAND

Working from: Collection From Uppingham at 9.45 and dropping off after Shift in Uppingham.


Contact us to enquire & send in your CV with Cover Letter.


Stay Safe & Take Care!

Shadow of the Gardener.

27th Oct 2021.