Sharp evil bringer of doom!


Fed up of faffing around trimming down Spring bulbs with scissors or secateurs and always have to trim the ones individually you cant bunch together to cut neatly?

Use this little bugger & no longer an issue.

No longer contained by the volume of green stuff you can wedge in your blades!

Grab as big a handful of Snow Drops leaves as you can manage for example (when it’s time to cut them back) & one slice with this; all are severed neatly and you are left with a handful of Green material for the bin or compost!

Clumps of grass and other long leggy foliage, gone with a stroke.

Watch yourself with this, it’s lethal.

Which is what makes it brilliant!

I use this daily in my life as a professional bespoke gardener. It’s so very handy!
This combined with a good sharp Hori-Hori & most of the hand tool jobs in a garden are covered!

The only downside or drawback.

Doesn’t come with a sheath to contain it and protect that wicked blade!